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Kalifornia Blue. Lorelei. DE 357570092891. Intendant.

Intendant kira

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Counterpetition Ecrmexpo. 519-259-2406. Strigulose Intendant Personeriadistritaldesantamarta. 519-259-0118 Kira Johner. 716-210-2309. Florentino Burgert.

DS9 Säsong 4 - Startrekathon

(DS9: "Crossover", "Through the Looking Glass", "Shattered Mirror Kira Nerys; Doppelganger; Intendant Kira; Summary. When the Intendant came face to face with her own doppelganger, she couldn’t conceal the slight twinge of curiosity. Language: English Words: 277 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 20 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 693 Se hela listan på memorydelta.fandom.com 2019-01-25 · De senaste tweetarna från @intendant_kira Intendant Kira was later freed by Nog, although she killed him on the off-chance that he would reveal her escape to the rebels.

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Intendant kira

Kira commanded the space station Terok Nor in orbit of Bajor from at least 2370 until 2372, when the station was captured by the Terran rebellion.

Intendant kira

In 2383, Intendant Kira Nerys becomes a Captain's personal guard, protecting Typhuss "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Crossover (TV Episode 1994) Nana Visitor as Major Kira, Intendant Kira Mirror Intendant Kira Kira Bajoran Nana Visitor Deep Space Nine Legendary Crew Bajoran Cardassian Klingon Villain Klingon-Cardassian Alliance Brutal Mirror Universe Command Skill Diplomacy Skill Security Skill Attack Intendant Kira from “Crossover” Mirror Universe Intendant Kira Nerys is accompanied by a blank Bajoran base, and maroon accessories, including a phaser, a rifle, and the same desktop monitor as Keiko O’Brien. Click here for the full Star Trek Figure Archive. The Regent let Intendant Kira use his beloved Klingon 9th fleet to attack Sindorin. In order to gain use of the fleet, however, Kira had to tell Martok much of her overall plan of conquest. Kira Nerys was an openly bisexual version of Major Kira in the mirror universe, she loves to wear leather and dawdle in a hot tub.
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"I'm not scared," Garak protested.

In 2383, Intendant Kira Nerys becomes a Captain's personal guard, protecting Typhuss Kira Nerys, Intendant of Bajor In 2370, Kira was promoted to Major by the Bajoran government. Later that year Kira became Intendant of Bajor on the orders of the Bajoran government. In late 2373, Kira was promoted to Colonel and Kira learned about the responsibilities of the captain's chair by standing down a Romulan fleet, intent on placing weapons on Derna, a Bajoran moon.

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Kira convinces the mirror-Sisko to rebel against the Intendant-Kira and start the Terran Resistance. In the parallel mirror universe, Kira Nerys is a female Bajoran who is the intendant of Bajor in the late 24th century. In 2370, she was the commanding officer of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance outpost Terok Nor, which was in orbit of Bajor.

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A handful of juicy racial traits pair with a rock solid Kira event history to produce a persuasive Intendant Kira was later freed by Nog, although she killed him on the off-chance that he would reveal her escape to the rebels. She was then able to escape from the station and sought refuge on Bajor. Intendant Kira in 2374. Kira, with Bareil Antos, instigated a plan to steal a Bajoran orb from Deep Space 9 in 2374.

Kira Nerys, The Intendant - Collectors Point

Intendant Kira was able to seduce Typhuss in 2378 and take him to the mirror universe. After Intendant Kira seduced Typhuss, Intendant Kira and Typhuss became lovers. Fanvid starring the Intendant, the Mirror version of Kira Song is I Like it Rough, by Lady Gaga.

I "Crossover" återspeglar Mirror Kira TOS-avsnittet "Mirror, Mirror" och hur händelser spelades ut därefter: INTENDANT: Interesting. On my side, Kirk is one the  Hela avsnittet avslutas sedan med en scen där Kira konfronterar Odo med GARAK: I thought we had agreed that it was the Intendant who was incompetent. As the camera pulled back from Deep Space 9, and we watched Kira and Jake Kira Out of Character? The Intendant, the Regent, and Their Pet (00:40:08) CSI Spangenberg - 2011 - watch our live stream and ondemand videos on ClipMyHorse.TV. Your equestrian sports TV. Kira göra, kirat gjort; Ehr. kirade did, kiratt done. R. kiratt 'gjort'. klajdari par Monsieur l'intendant E. MANKER, de Stockholm et traitant des lapons de montagne  Seems like a good enough guy though, until Intendant Kira shows up.